Specialists in Holding Congresses and Business Events

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A New Business Model

With solid values, we look for opportunities to hold Conferences and Business Events that add value to the society and the business world.

Committed 100%

Our income is totally related to the success of the event. Our attitude is dynamic, focused on partnership and results.

Open to New Projects

If you have any project idea, do not rule it out due to lack of resources. Consult us and, if we consider it feasible, we will put it into practice.

Present in the Entire Project

We are responsible for all the phases of the project: planning, image, marketing, coordination, travel management, speakers, etc.

At Agarimo Events we offer high quality services.

100% committed to the success of your event

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Our values

  • Transparency

    We provide transparency to our clients, with the aim to work in an atmosphere of total confidence.

  • Excellence

    We look for the best quality. We demand ourselves the best, in order to give the best.

  • Listen Out

    We want to grow with the opinions of others.

  • Passion

    We want to count on staff who are passionate about their work and their goals. Thus, everything will be easier and fun.

  • Honesty and integrity

    We commit ourselves only to what we can accomplish, with humility and ethics.


Digital Tools

At Agarimo Events we are aware of the importance of having and using Digital Tools for the management and promotion of your event. That is why each event will be provided with the following services.

Web and Blog

We created the website and the blog for the event, providing a professional image and the highest standard of functionality and usability.


We take care of sending informative bulletins in order to capture reservations and keep the attendees informed.



It allows attendees to organize their event through a custom app, for both iOS and Android.

Online reservations

All our events will be provided with an online booking system that will manage tickets and capacity efficiently


Javier Fontao Ageitos

Javier Fontao Ageitos

Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA, in his early days he worked in the US in the tourism sector and as an auditor in a multinational company. He has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur setting up companies in various sectors, including tourism (Viajes Fontao) and communications.

Special decision-making skills, management in times of crisis, teamwork and focus on objectives.

Evaristo Domínguez del Castillo

Bachelor of Chemistry and MBA, with a career of 30 years in a multinational company. In his beginnings he worked in different areas: Production, Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Technical Assistance. Later he held the position of Commercial Director, directly dependent on the national CEO.

Strengths to interpret, analyze and diagnose markets, as well as to design and implement strategic plans in companies of any size.

Evaristo Domínguez del Castillo
Sandra Domínguez Díez

Sandra Domínguez Díez

Graduated in Psychology with a Master in Human Resources Management and experience as a consultant in a temporary work company. Currently studying an MBA and starting herpath in entrepreneurship. She is a person with great capacity for teamwork, creativity, assertiveness, and communication skills.